Dynamic Anatomy

Advanced Training and Reference for Professional Creature and Character Artists

“Because you’re good at what you do, but you want to be seriously fucking amazing at it.”


Because we’ve experienced first-hand both the best and the worst of a career in vfx. We know about the long hours, we know about the lack of recognition, we know about the pixel-fucking from clients and supervisors.

We also know about your passion for doing great work.

We are creative artists and at the same time we are also professionals, and to keep being successful in our careers we need to keep building our skills on both of those fronts. We created Dynamic Anatomy to find a fresh perspective on the work we all do everyday, to give the most creative, most passionate artists in our industry the edge you need to stay ahead of the pack.

Our Mission

  • To fill the creative, technical, communication, leadership and other skills gaps that can hold creature and character artists back from building fulfilling, rewarding careers and achieving their creative potential.


  • To enhance our industry and challenge the status quo by presenting alternative ideas and strategies. Never accepting that the way things have always been done is necessarily the best way to achieve great results.

Why Sign Up?

If you paid thousands of bucks to a school, bought into the bullshit they sold you about how easy it is to be successful as a 3D artist, and now find yourself one of hundreds or even thousands trying to stand out and get noticed for your talents, then you’re not alone.

Whether you’re a fresh newbie or a battle-scarred industry veteran, you’ve come to the right place.

Dynamic Anatomy is not a school. Think of us like a mentor, who’s been through all the crap and learned to survive and thrive in an often ruthless industry. We have a lot of advice to share, not only about how to be successful as an animation or visual effects artist, but also how to keep alive and grow the passion, enthusiasm and creativity that first drew you to this amazing career choice.

Like any good mentor, we’re here to support you, but also to challenge you, grow your knowledge and push your comfort zone by thinking differently and questioning the creative and personal false-beliefs that may be holding you back from becoming the artist and leader you have the potential to be

Our Core Values

  • Be the leader the industry needs.

  • Deliver consistent value and service.

  • Be bold, passionate, and playful. Aim high.

  • Be open to ideas and innovation. Challenge restrictive paradigms with compassion and confidence.

  • Inspire and empower creativity, connection, collaboration, and the fulfillment of everyone’s potential.

  • Live with integrity and respect.

Everything we do at Dynamic Anatomy is driven by these Core Values. We genuinely expect our friends and customers to hold us to these same high values that we hold ourselves to. We’re human though, so we may screw up sometimes, but we will only ever be satisfied with anything we do or any contact we have with you when it meets or surpasses our values

Fred Chapman

Dynamic Anatomy was founded by Fred and he’s passionate about movement! For over 15 years he has worked alongside some of the most creative artists at the cutting edge of visual effects animation, all the time observing how everything was done and asking the question “how can this be done better?”. It’s from that passion that Dynamic Anatomy was born!

In addition to being a rigger, animator, tool and pipeline developer, supervisor and mentor, Fred’s passion for movement is more than just theoretical. He spent several years pushing his body to the limits of its flexibility while studying Ashtanga yoga, including 5 months with a 90 year old guru in India. He completed 2 Ironman triathlons and has raced in triathlon age-group World Championships on both the British and Canadian teams.

He also enjoys beer, pizza, wine and chocolate, not necessarily in that order.


Fred’s Showreel


Fred has contributed significantly to over 30 Hollywood movies, as well as kids cartoons, commercials, music videos and theme park rides. Check out his recent showreel and see how many shots you recognize!


To inquire about Fred’s availability for consultancy or speaking engagements, contact opportunities@fredchapman.ca