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The 3 Common Creature Design Problems That Stop Your Animation Looking Awesome!
Why do so many creature and character designs look better static than they do animated?

Why do some creatures look "CG", even in the hands of experienced animators?
What can we do to fix these problems both in the design and in animation?

The answers are in this unique 4-part course!
Walk & Run Cycle Analysis
What subtleties are most animators, even after many years of experience, still neglecting when they animate human walk and run cycles?

These videos break down each cycle into component phases, showing in-depth how we really move.

Find out what you've been missing, and transform your animations in just 20 information-packed minutes! 
Run & Walk Motion Reference Library
A collection of over 150 slow-motion walk and run reference videos.

Filmed in HD, at 240 frames per second, using directional lighting to highlight skin and muscle movement.

This reference library focuses on the legs of runners of different shapes and sizes at a range of different speeds, both with and without shoes.
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