Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dynamic Anatomy only for photo-real animation?

Definitely not. By studying real movement and real anatomy there are so many lessons to learn for creating both realistic and stylized animated creatures and characters.

Ultimately what we want as artists is to tell stories and to entertain our audiences. That means we need to understand how our viewers consciously and unconsciously interpret movement. The more we understand that movement, the more we can understand our audience’s reaction to it.

Dynamic Anatomy is for animators, modelers, creature designers, riggers, creature fx, supervisors and clients. Anyone with an input into creating awesome looking animated creatures or characters.

Are your courses very technical?

No. Even the more technical subjects are carefully structured and presented in way to make them accessible to any level, without compromising the high-level of knowledge and ideas covered.

Even if you think you’re not good at technical stuff, we think you’re limiting yourself and you’re actually more capable than you realise. Every artist we have ever encountered has the ability to understand loads more technical stuff, if it’s presented the right way. Give us a try, and we’re certain you’ll see the benefits.

Do I need to be a professional artist to join?

No. While everything we do is specifically created for professional animation and visual effects artists, it will also be of great value to you if animation or visual effects is your hobby, or you’re a student, or just interested to learn more about these cool subjects. Take a look and see for yourself!

Why don’t you have step-by-step tutorials, like most schools do?

Step-by-step tutorials are perfect if you’ve no clue what you’re doing. They’re a good way to introduce new students to some tools and can be a great way to start learning, provided they’re accompanied by teaching on the theory behind the tools and the decisions taken at each step.

Unfortunately that’s rarely the case! Tutorials are too often used in place of teaching theory just because they’re easier to teach. They give students a false sense of achievement and progress from having completed the lesson, without the drag of actually learning much. They also don’t require the teacher to fully understand the subject they’re teaching. Awesome if you’re a teacher, but it’s rarely in the best interest of the student if they want to go on to have a successful career as a professional artist.

Dynamic Anatomy is not a school. If anything we’re the opposite of a school, because we’re about filling the knowledge gaps that the schools have left. Those huge knowledge gaps are very often the difference between being good and being fucking amazing. We want you to be fucking amazing!

Are your courses just full of boring information?

Hell no! We believe learning should be fun.

We’re independent. We don’t need to conform to academic rules, to traditional lesson plans, to timetables, curriculums and all that crap. We can just tell you what you need to know whenever it suits you. And most importantly we can make it fun and interesting! We can swear and scream whenever the fuck want to, and tell inappropriate jokes, provided they’re appropriate to getting our point across.

We are serious about what we do though. Totally serious about excellence and relevance in what we teach and inspiring you to achieve the best you can, as an artist and as a professional.

Can I rip your videos and post them on youtube?

No! That would be a serious dick move.

We’re a very small, totally independent company and we rely on the folks who like what we’re doing to financially support it so that we can keep creating even more, even better resources for you.

Will I get a certificate at the end of a course?

No. At this point in time degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc are all pretty much worthless in our industry. If that changes, we’ll change.

Right now what matters most is your ability to do the job, so that’s what we focus on. We get that it’s nice to have something to show for your work, but the only outcome we really want for you is a more fulfilling, more rewarding career. What good is a piece of paper if you’re unemployed or not 110% happy in your work?

Be suspicious of any educational organisation that is more interested in grades, awards, and certificates than they are in knowledge, ideas and experience.

Can my kids watch your videos with me?

Sure, if they’re ok with the occasional F-bomb and other adult content. This site is intended for professional artists. If anyone under the age of 18 wants to watch it under supervision of a parent or legal guardian, it’s at the discretion of that adult.

Can I re-watch a course later?

Of course! For most of our resources you will have access to the videos and the comments forums for 12 months after purchase. So you can go back and re-watch the videos as many times as you like. That means you also get any updates we may release in that time too!

Is there support available if I don’t understand something?

Yes! We structure everything to try and make it all understandable for everyone, but sometimes we may get it wrong. That’s on us, not you, so get in touch if there’s anything that isn’t clear and we’ll find a way to get you up to speed.

Every chapter on every course has a comments section where you can post comments, questions and suggestions that we, and the rest of our community can engage with. This is a positive, supportive forum, there is no place here for any kind of negative or abusive comments. So play nice!

You can also email our support team any time and we’ll be happy to find answers to any relevant questions.

I paid for a course, why can’t I see all of the modules immediately?

This isn’t Netflix! We don’t encourage all-night binge watching sessions. We don’t just want you to watch and enjoy our videos, we want you to learn from them and be able to apply what you’ve learned in your day-to-day work. That’s why we stagger the release of some of the videos, because it’s good to slow down and digest new information before moving on.

What if I change my mind after purchasing?

We all suffer buyers remorse sometimes. We want you to be confident that when you buy a product from us that you’ll get huge value from it. If you don’t, then we want to put that right, even if it means offering a full refund.

Unfortunately there are a few freeloaders out there who take advantage of generous money-back guarantees and try to play the system. We have a duty to our wonderful members who support what we’re doing to make sure our pricing is affordable and our work is highest possible quality. That means we need to balance looking after you with not opening up loop-holes that mean we get screwed.

For our staggered-release content, that means we’ll offer a refund up to delivery of the first 30% of the course. Plenty of time for you to know if it’s right for you or not. For everything else refunds are discretionary. Our support team will be happy to chat with you.

I have an idea for a course that might fit well with Dynamic Anatomy’s mission.

Awesome! We’re always open to joint-ventures and collaborations. The best things happen when people with different skills and experiences find common ground and work together. We’re all about creating win-win-win scenarios. If it works for you, works for us, and most importantly works for our audience, let’s do it!

Do you do a student discount?

No. We’re here to support professional artists. And we also think we’re already very reasonably priced for the huge value we offer. If you’re a student and keen to get ahead and learn all the useful stuff they’re not teaching you at school, then you’re most welcome to pay for our courses too. In fact, we encourage you to, there’s a good chance you’ll learn more here than in class!

Your support is greatly appreciated in helping us fill the gap between what they taught you at school and what professionals actually need to know to be successful in a competitive industry.

Can I share my login information so my friends can access my account?

No. Definitely not. It’s awesome that you want to share, but if you value what we do and you think your friends would value it too, then please support us and encourage them to support us too. It’s only through your support that we can continue to serve you.

If we see a pattern of logins from an account that suggests your account is being used against our terms and conditions it may be suspended or cancelled without notice. We’d hate to do this, so please play fair.

How about organizing your friends together and taking advantage of a bulk purchase? See below 🙂

Can we get a discount for bulk purchases?

Sure. If you have 5 or more employees, colleagues or friends and can pay together in a lump-sum, contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a special price for you.

I want more! When will you have more courses and resources ready?

We’re working hard on some awesome future projects, but getting them right takes time. We won’t release anything unless we think it’s really useful to you and well presented. If it’s not good enough then we’ll either put it on hold or keep working on it until it is. For us, quality is more important than quantity, because we think you deserve that quality.

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