Are your run and walk cycle animations as good as they could be?
Most animators are expert at creating stylized cartoon walk and run cycles, but when it comes to natural realistic looking movement, something's missing. These expert analyses of slow motion video explain the timing and mechanics of a human run and walk cycle. Its never been easier to understand exactly what goes on in a human walk and run and apply these new concepts in your animation, so you can nail your shots every time.
"This is what the industry needs"
- Jeremy Stewart, Animation Supervisor, Double Negative
What you'll get:
The 5 Phases of a Walk Cycle &
The 3 Phases of a Run Cycle
• 2 videos featuring in-depth analysis of the different phases that make up a human run and walk cycle.
• Packed full of so much information, even the most experiences animators will take away new insights.
• Annotations and narration breaking down the weight distribution, anatomy and timing at each point in the cycles
• Footage was filmed in full HD at 240 frames per second, lit to highlight the anatomical features of joints and muscles
• Short, easy to understand, memorable yet thorough explanations, making it easy to apply the concepts in your work.
• 24-7 access for a full year.
• An exclusive forum, where you can ask questions and exchange ideas with the presenter and fellow artists.
All this for just $29!
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About The Presenter
Fred Chapman has a passion for creativity and for empowering creative people.

For over 17 years Fred has worked internationally as an animation and visual effects artist and supervisor. He helped bring to life many creatures and characters that would today be recognizable by many millions around the world. From the Harry Potter franchise to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles he has contributed significantly to over 30 Hollywood movies.

Fred’s passion for movement is more than just theoretical. In addition to his degree in marine biology and career in the vfx and animation industry, he has spent much of his life around athletes from a variety of disciplines. He once spent several months pushing his body to the limits of its flexibility while studying with a 90 year-old yoga guru in India. He has also completed 2 Ironman triathlons, swam 10km across English Bay in Vancouver and has raced in triathlon age-group World Championships on both the British and Canadian teams.

He also enjoys beer, wine, chips and chocolate, not necessarily in that order.
About Dynamic Anatomy
Dynamic Anatomy is a training and reference resource dedicated to empowering professional creature and character artists to achieve their greatest results by filling in the gaps that schools and other trainers and mentors aren't even aware they're missing.
"Because you're good at what you do, but you want to be seriously fucking amazing at it."
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Yes! They're fucking awesome! 

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